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SHS Print Collection -- Marking The Line

Marking the Line
By Kathy Holland

Reproductions of the painting "Marking the Line" are now available as signed and numbered lithographs or poster prints - - both suitable for framing. Artist Kathy Holland has sought historical accuracy in her depiction of a survey party as it works to mark the line through a cypress swamp. The wife of a Texas surveyor, she was inspired by the tales of hardship experienced by the surveyors who ran the meridian line between the Sabine River and the Red River in 1841. The full story of that survey was discussed at Surveyors Historical Society Rendezvous 2001 in Texarkana. The most difficult portions of that line run by U.S. topographical surveyors, were through "almost impenetrable swamp". Mrs. Holland has taken some "artistic license" with those details in order to create an attractive painting suitable for every home or office. This print is 16"x21" printed on 18"x24" paper.

The boundary line between the United States of America and the Republic of Texas was originally set forth in the Adams-Onis Treaty of 1819 and was subsequently confirmed by succeeding sovereign nations. By this treaty, the meridional boundary between Texas and Louisiana - Arkansas was to begin at the point where the 32nd parallel intersected the west bank of the Sabine River and was then to bear north from that point to the Red River.

But the location of this line on the ground was not known and early settlers in the area did not know in which Nation the land they claimed was located. This confusion and uncertainty led to the appointment of the Joint Commission to survey and mark the line in 1841. The journal of the survey expedition describes the difficulties and hardships of marking the line in the wilderness in times of unfavorable weather and difficult terrain.

Artist Kathy Holland has sought historical accuracy in her depiction of the survey party as it worked to mark the line through a cypress swamp common to the territory. Kathy's painting was made to commemorate the recovery of a portion of the historic boundary line by Surveyors Historical Society in October, 2001.

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