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Welcome to our new historic map reproduction gallery. Each handsome map is reproduced on acid free archive-quality paper. Most of the maps are 23 inches in their largest dimension. That is, if a map is taller than it is wide, the tall dimension will be 23 inches (printed on 24-inch-wide paper). If a map is wider than it is tall, then that dimension will be 23 inches. The exception to this is maps that are very much wider than they are tall (such as Lewis & Clark's Track or Rio Colorado). These maps are between 36 and 40 inches wide when printed.
The magazine editor has hand-selected these maps for their beauty and historical significance. Are you searching for a reproduction of a map of a particular area in the United States that does not appear in this gallery? If you would like the editor to research a specific locale let us know, and we'll be happy to research its availability at no extra charge. Please email us at or call +1 (301) 620-0784 for more information.
Please note: We offer discount pricing to paid subscribers of The American Surveyor Magazine through our AmeriSurv Rewards program. If you are a paid subscriber, log-in on the left in order to receive your discount. If you are not an AmeriSurv Rewards Member but would like to log-in and/or take advantage of our specials, please subscribe here first.
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